How to run for weight loss?

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What are the benefits of running for the body? How it helps for weight loss. How to organize such training.

Losing weight is the goal of millions of people on the planet. However, not everyone knows how and what needs to be done to get rid of annoying pounds. Some take funds for fat burning, others “die” in the gym, spend all their free time in it, and others torture themselves with diets in anticipation of a miracle. For speedy weight loss, professionals recommend Aldactone 25mg 30 pills. In fact, in the matter of weight loss, two components are enough – running and proper nutrition. Below we will consider how to organize jogging correctly and how to run to achieve fast results.


Running action on the body

Regular jogging has a positive effect on human health:

  • Blood circulation processes improve, which guarantees saturation of cells with oxygen.
  • The metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, which is especially important in the process of losing weight.
  • The work of the digestive tract, liver and other organs is normalized.
  • Dangerous toxins and toxins come out with sweat.
  • The stamina of the body increases.
  • The coordination of movements improves.
  • The risks of atherosclerosis are reduced.
  • The risk of developing depressive states is minimized.

During the run, fat is first burned on the hands, in the abdomen, on the buttocks and hips. In addition, running 3-4 times a week has a positive effect on the state of muscles – the body becomes more prominent and toned.

It should be noted a number of contraindications. So, active jogging is not recommended (allowed only after consulting a doctor) in case of inflammatory processes in the body, with asthma or varicose veins, acute infectious diseases, severe loss of vision.


Running rules

Before you start running, remember the following rules:

  • Before jogging, spend 10-15 minutes of time for weight training . This is necessary to accelerate the process of glycogen burning and increase the overall effectiveness of the classes. The best option – push-ups, exercises on the uneven bars, the bar and work with dumbbells. In this case, do not forget about the usual workout. Proper running begins with a set of gymnastic exercises, inclinations, turns and other movements to warm up the muscle corset. The better prepared the body, the faster the process of losing weight.
  • Start with small loads . It is forbidden the first training to 100% load the body. You have to run for fun. Start with 5-15 minutes, then gradually increase the time of the lesson. At the same time, remember that proper running should be regular. Otherwise, the destruction of fat will remain a dream.
  • Change approaches and principles . It is not recommended to run all the time in the same rhythm – such a training does not guarantee weight loss. To achieve the result, it is worth changing the rhythm. So, it is recommended to alternate between long and short steps, jogging and speed jogging. Intensive running gives good results, which will be discussed below. But when choosing a running method, really assess the state of health. So, active jogging is contraindicated for complete people.
  • Pay attention to clothing choices . To achieve results, you need to dress properly. For weight loss, it is recommended to buy special shorts or breeches and run in them. This is especially true for the fair sex.
  • Do not limit yourself to just running . To improve the result from the training process, you can add a skipping rope to the run. In this case, calorie consumption increases, and additional muscle groups get a load. As a result, the body tightens faster and acquires the long-awaited harmony.
  • Watch your pulse . Experienced athletes know that controlling your heart rate during a workout is a chance to increase your performance. Running is no exception. For quick weight loss, it is important to control the frequency of heartbeats and not to allow the exceeding of heart rate above the acceptable level. The formula is simple. Subtract age from 220. To get the minimum and maximum border, you need to multiply the resulting number by 0.6 and 0.8, respectively.
  • Choose the right time . Research and practice have shown that for weight loss it is better to run not in the evening or in the afternoon, but in the early morning. It is believed that during this period, fat burns more actively.

An integrated approach to training is the key to success

Before starting classes, it is important to understand that running is not a panacea for problems with being overweight. To achieve results, the solution must be comprehensive, namely:

  • Be sure to include physical activity in the daily program, among which there should be not only running, but also anaerobic exercise. The goal is to increase muscle mass and speed up the process of burning fat.
  • Proper eating, taking into account the required ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (60-20-20). Nutrition itself must be fractional so that incoming food has time to be completely digested, absorbed and spent on current needs. If you overeat, then unused reserves will certainly find a place somewhere on their sides.
  • Quality sleep. The body must rest, because torturing yourself with training is not done well. The daily norm for sleep is at least 8 hours.

Subject to the above conditions, the rate of fat burning will be 2-3 kilograms in 3-4 weeks . At the same time, you should not strive to lose weight quickly. It is important that the weight goes away gradually, without the formation of ugly folds on the body.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the nutrition rules:

  • Remove sweets, fried and flour from the diet.
  • Drink water during classes (preferably still).
  • After jogging, refrain from eating food (except protein) for two hours.
  • During the day, drink more fluids (it is better to refuse juices and soda). Preference should be given to green tea, clean water or cranberry juice.



Interval Running – A Short Way to Lose Weight

As already mentioned, interval running is considered the most effective means for losing weight. The principle of operation is based on regular changes in the load on various sections of the route. So, in one section acceleration is required, and in another, on the contrary, a return to a slow pace.

It has the following advantages:

  • This option is suitable for improving running techniques, increasing results at various distances. Depending on what distance the training is going on, you need to choose the principles of training (intervals, speed and other points).
  • The process of losing weight accelerates. If you run, from time to time accelerating at certain distances, then the energy consumption increases by 2-3 times. In addition, fat continues to break down even during the rest period.
  • Stress for the muscles. Regular accelerations become stress for muscle fibers. But it is good for the body. Thanks to this training, it is possible to spend calories faster, extracting them from fat stores. If we generalize the above, then interval running speeds up metabolic processes.

It should be understood that accelerated running is not suitable for everyone, because it carries an increased load on the cardiovascular system and joints. That’s why this option should not be used for beginners who are just starting the training process.


To determine whether this type of run is suitable for you or not, you need to conduct testing. If one kilometer manages to run in 6.5 minutes or less, then the body is ready for increased loads. In general, running with acceleration is allowed after six months of regular training.

The frequency of such classes is no more than twice a week . The rest of the days you should give preference to regular running.

Interval runs are of two types:

  • To the distance . In this case, the athlete focuses on the length. A pulsometer with the GSM option or a smartphone can act as a meter. Training is organized according to the scheme “1-2-2-1-2-2-1-1-2” (alternating circles of acceleration and rest, respectively). Warm up at the beginning of a workout and a hitch at the end are required. It’s easier to run when the distance is known. In this case, the alternation of acceleration and rest is made taking into account the distance in meters – 400-800-800-400-800-800-400-800. In principle, this is the same workout, but in the first case it is painted in circles, and in the second – in meters.
  • For a while . So running is recommended for those who do not like to control the distance and prefer to run on free routes. Here, time is taken as the basis, not distance. The scheme of acceleration and rest is as follows (in minutes) – “1-2-2-3-3-3-3-2-1-1-1” (start with acceleration).

Running pattern for beginners and experienced

Often on the Internet there are questions about how to properly organize interval running for beginners, whose body is not yet accustomed to increased loads. At the same time, the word “beginner” is used not in the sense that the person first went for a run, but when the athlete already has experience and runs 3-6 months, but has not yet tried interval training.

The total distance is four kilometers. At the initial stage, it is allowed to go to a step during rest periods (it should be quick). In this case, the movement of the hands in such cases is mandatory (it is forbidden to give up during movement).