Concerning commercial crew report, Boeing criticizes inspector general of NASA

Press Release

On November 18, NASA’s Office of Inspector General gave out a report concerning a program of commercial crew, saying that the company decided to pull aside from the program was mistaken. This was a statement from Boeing. 

On November 14, Boeing looked into several lengthy statements in the OIG report. The final decision of the report indicated that NASA made hundreds of million dollars overpay to Boeing. The payments were for the work on the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft. The report also constituted demands from unknown NASA officials, whereby they stated that the payments were to make sure the deal goes on as the transport provider of the next crew. 

Boeing Company stated that Boeing had made noticeable investments in the Commercial Crew Program. The company is determined to fly CST-100 Starliner by taking charge and operating the crew of International Space Station. In case there was any implication, the crew tried to sway back during their activities, it was not true. 


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